April 14, 2020

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A thing we generally do at night and, if we’re lucky, through the night. I don’t know about you but my sleep pattern (and that of my kids) seems to have lost its rhythm. Meaning we’re struggling to get a good, solid night’s rest. Going to bed later and sleeping in. Or falling asleep early (on the couch) and waking up middle of night only to struggle to get back to sleep.

I was relieved to hear this was *normal* under the circumstances. That our parasympathetic nervous system has been strained (is that why meditation is harder, too?). Reading before bed is more or less a pastime, and I’m determined not to scan emails and social media – a minute of stimulation turns into an hour of lost sleep. But am turning to digital sleep aids aka guided meditation, binerial beats, and yes Netflix (I know! But desperate times call for desperate measures). Exercise helps, for sure. Not eating too much (or too much gelato – a pint is a serving size right?) too late. Meditation – morning, night or mid-day, even when it feels less *effective*. Naps, mid-day walks or swing-breaks. And not waiting til we’re over-tired to call it a day – sleep begets sleep.

Good sleep is just one more thing we’re trying to regulate, keep structured and *accomplish* during quarantine. Oh the pressure. But good sleep makes such a difference.

How’s your sleep during quarantine? What do you and kids do to rejuvenate, relax, escape, take a break, recalibrate? Sleep during quarantine: like everything else, it is what it is. Life’s not normal, and we’re doing the best we can to assimilate, take care, and stay healthy, plus provide structure and discipline for ourselves (and kids).

You’re doing and feeling alot more than usual, and our bodies and nervous systems are in over-drive. Something as simple as sleep can be a challenge. Be easy on yourself.

Like house-cleaning and E-learning, sometimes we just need to give it a rest.

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