Live + Love your Work+Life



Are you a lawyer?
Do you have stress in work or life, due to high demands, billable hours, client expectations, personal integrity, financial obligations, and personal responsibilities or family needs? And not enough time, focus or energy to get it all done, each day
and be the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been?

Do you spend more time at work or working than you’d like?
Would you spend more time with your spouse, partner, kids or friends?
Would you quit your job if you could?

We lawyers are in trouble, according to studies reported by
The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being.

The rate of attorney suicide, mental health issues and substance abuse is high.  Add to that the unavoidable effects of stress and burn-out, resulting in physical ailments and mental tension.  Our profession faces grave dangers, and we didn’t learn how to manage the pressures of work and life in law school or on the job.

You don’t need to quit your job to live an easier, calmer, more deliberate, successful and enjoyable life.  We fed our intellect and perserverant nature to become lawyers,  advocates and leaders for a reason.  Beingn a lawyer is an accomplishment and privilege.  The stress and demands of practicing law should not dissuade us from reaching and sustaining our career goals.  Our clients need us!  And we need our health and well-being to work and live.  We deserve and can have the easier, calmer, more deliberate, successful and enjoyable life.

In 8 short weeks, you can transform your life.  For thousands of dollars less and in less time than a law school course (the average national cost of a law school course is $4,500), you will learn how to minimize stress, enhance focus, increase productivity, and get healthy in body and mind — decreasing physical ailments, illness and disease, and lessening the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety — for life.

In this course, you will learn skills scientifically proven to reduce the production of stress hormones and respond – not react – to stress, with a calm, clear mind. You will feel better and be healthier and more energetic in body and mind than you  have in years.  You will learn how to ease anxiety, depression, insomnia and mental strife, fostering positive thoughts and optimizing cognitive function.  Studies around the world show that in as little as .5/hr per day, you can change your brain, boost your immune system, slow aging and reduce chronic pain and physical ailments – from headaches and fatigue to diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and other heart conditions.  Other benefits incllude improving relationships, feeling more relaxed, optimistic, accepting, and closer, with more compassion and empathy for yourself and others.

Each week you will receive new information, instruction, and 1:1 check-in with Beth, to guide and hold you to your commitment to this life-time transformation.

We didn’t learn how to do this in any law school course. For less cost and time than a law school course, you will learn how to be a lawyer and live and love your life – for the rest of your life.  You Don’t spend another day worrying or missing out or hoping for change.  Get your life back now so you can work and love your life again.

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