New *Life*

April 12, 2020 Regardless of your holiday, belief, denomination, affiliation, disposition: how can you celebrate *life* today? Kids and I are waking, eating, chilling, baking upside down biscuits and chocolate bundt cake, indulging, swinging on swings, playing soccer with regulation size goal, painting cracked eggs, cooking 10lb ham, getting sugar high, discussing games we will… Continue reading New *Life*

Nice v. Kind: The Benefits of Being Kind

"Nice" versus "kind" - what's the difference? Nice: pleasant, agreeable, satisfactory in a pleasing way wanton, dissolute coy, reticent Kind: having or showing a friendly, generous or considerate nature a group united by common traits or interests fundamental nature or quality; ESSENCE I don't remember when I first heard or realized the distinction, but there… Continue reading Nice v. Kind: The Benefits of Being Kind