1:1 Meditation How-To
With personalized guided meditations, check-ins, accountability follow-ups, and introduction to a meditation practice that will change your life and and last a lifetime. (1 month)

Course: Live + Love your Work+Life 
Learn mindfulness + meditation to change your physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being, grow your brain, and respond not react to work+life as your best, highest you. (8 weeks)

1:1 Coaching
Mindfulness + Meditation
Career Transition
Life Fulfillment
Work+Life Balance
(3-12 months)

Local + Lake + Mountains + Mexico

Transformation for Lawyers
Work+Life Balance

Mindfulness + Meditation
Dream + Do
Expectations, Intentions, Doing + Being

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Presentations:
CLE: Meditation How-To for Lawyers
CLE: Lawyer Well-Being + Mindfulness
CLE: Meditation: A Brain-Changer for Lawyers

CLE: Wellness for Lawyers
CLE: Management for Lawyers: Time, Stress + Mindfulness

Public Speaking


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