CLE: April 24, 2020 @ 12pm CST – Meditation: A Brain-Changer for Lawyers

Join us for this MEDITATION HOW-TO and hear how meditation is scientifically proven to CHANGE THE BRAIN. Learn the simple steps of meditation + its BENEFITS, why lawyers need it, and how to get it. GIFT yourself this opportunity for growth as we enter the Spring season and learn how to generate RENEWAL, CALM + FOCUS in your everyday work+life. Created and presented by fellow Attorney and work+life balance Coach, Beth M. Boghossian, JD, CPCC, ACC, and BMB Well Co. and generously sponsored by the Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC). *The course price has been reduced significantly to offer more affordable and much-needed support and CLE credit during this time of pandemic. **Dial-in instructions and materials provided upon registration.



Reclaim + Love Your Work+Life Are you a lawyer? Ever stressed? Do you think about work (or do work) when you’re not at work? Do you have responsibilities outside of work? Do you worry about getting it all done? Do you wish you had enough time to complete your work, enjoy your friends and family, and still have time for yourself? Are you in your best physical and mental health? Or do you struggle to stay (or get) healthy, stay (or get) focused, and be productive and SUCCESSFUL in both WORK+LIFE? Statistics show that too many lawyers suffer from stress, mental health, substance use and abuse, suicide and, most recently in the news, death *by exhaustion*. They didn’t teach you how to practice law and stay healthy (and alive) in law school (they are now!!!). For $1000s less than the cost of a law school course, and in less time, you will get and sustain the BALANCE YOU NEED to savor and be successful in work + life. FOR LIFE. Upon receipt of registration, you will be contacted to get started. YOU need and DESERVE this! It will benefit you and everyone around you. Don’t wait another day to make the BEST decision to de-stress, live + LOVE YOUR LIFE again.